New Washes from Secret Weapons

March 25, 2011 by beerogre

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Secret Weapon Miniatures has created a new selection of washes to help all you painters create those fabulous shading effects that little bit more easily... here's what they have to say...

I'm very excited to bring you fellas the new "Secret Weapon Washes."

This is the largest selection of hobby washes in the industry and each 20ml bottle runs just $2.99 -- which is almost double the quantity at $0.71 less per bottle than the big name brand I won't mention. I will mention that there are 20 colours to choose from already and 10 new recipes in the works.

The line includes soft body washes, designed to flow into recesses with minimal glazing and body coverage, and heavy body washes, designed to give full body coverage that can be used as colour filters and glazes in addition to quick recess shading.

Secret Weapon is shipping the washes now -- including an "All Your Washes" bundle that includes a 10% discount over the individual purchase price.

Do you guys use washes, or some other shading technique?

BoW Andy

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