Work Continues On the LightRanger to Bring Lasers into Gaming

January 13, 2014 by dracs

Some of you might remember that last year we talked about the LightRanger, a new concept being worked on to help gamers with measuring using that coolest of all things; lasers.

Work has continued since we last saw it, with a website now up for the project showing off the Mk. II.

LightRanger Mk I and II

The LightRanger is continuing to develop with the Mk III prototype already being worked on. Apparently, the plan for the Mk III include improvements like the laser components will being closely integrated with the tape measure, a third laser for line of sight and a LED digital measurement readout.

Brad, the guy behind LightRanger, was kind enough to send us some of the concept sketches so we can get an idea of what he plans for this thing.

LightRanger Concept 1

LightRanger Concept 2

Light Ranger Concept 3

LightRanger Concept 4

LightRanger Concept 5

LightRanger Concept 6

The LightRanger is an interesting project with some ambitious plans for the future. The inclusion of the line of sight laser and digital readout would make it something of an all-in-one tool for gaming. We of Beasts at War are of the opinion that more lasers in our gaming is never a bad thing, so I look forward to seeing the final product.

What are your thoughts on the LightRanger? Which of these designs do you like best?

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