The First Hordes High Command Expansion Sighted

October 14, 2013 by brennon

Hordes High Command hasn't been out long and Privateer Press have already got their sights set on the first expansion for it, Savage Guardians. This will obviously be adding some more (non-random!) cards to your High Command collection.

HORDES High Command - Savage Guardians Expansion Set

This set is going to add...

21 Trollblood cards
21 Circle Orboros cards
21 Legion of Everblight cards
21 Skorne cards
1 Rule reference card you have a healthy amount of additions to keep you going. The main thing is that you get another four Warlock cards, one for each faction I would imagine. It would be nice to know what the theme is here but I will be watching this and the main game for Hordes with interest.

Have you played Hordes High Command? If so what feels different from the Warmachine version?

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