The Mighty Hordes High Command Out Now!

October 10, 2013 by brennon

If you were taken with the Warmachine High Command card game then you will be pleased to know that the Hordes High Command card game is now out as well from Privateer Press!

Hordes High Command

I imagine that this one is going to be much like the Warmachine version but with some added twists to bring it into the world of Hordes. I have only played one game of Hordes and I actually find it more fun than the Warmachine side!

Hordes Promo Cards

Above you can see some of the promo cards that will be available at launch events, much like with the previous release. You play a game and you get them added to your collection!

This box contains...

89 Trollbloods cards
89 Circle Orboros cards
89 Legion of Everblight cards
89 Skorne cards
15 Winds of War cards
15 Location cards all the main factions of Hordes have been catered too. I'm more interested in this one than I was with the first release and hopefully I'll get a chance to play it.

Will you be grabbing the Hordes version?

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