More All In One Army Boxes Coming For Circle & Cryx In Warmahordes

February 23, 2015 by brennon

Privateer Press have announced that some more All In One Army Boxes are coming your way for Warmachine and Hordes. The first of these that has been revealed is the Circle Orboros one but there is also a Cryx one on the way too...

All In One Army Box - Circle Orboros

Once again this is a pretty full box taking you up to thirty five points and features a range of interesting creatures including Kromac the Ravenous, a Gnarlhorn Satyr, Gorax, and a Tharn Blood Pack to boot. It's quite an awesome looking set and I love pretty much all of the models apart from the Gorax simply because I think it looks silly.

Cryx have, as we mentioned above, an box coming along as well but both of these are a little way off in May time. Look out for them though as the Khador one already sold out pretty quickly.

What do you think of this box; is it strong?

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