Baldur Stonecleaver From Privateer Press

October 13, 2011 by dracs

Privateer Press have previewed their latest release for Hordes. Joining the Circle Orboros, meet Baldur Stonecleaver.

Also known as Baldur the Stonesoul, this guy is going to be using his abilities to wreak some serious havoc among your enemies.

Here's what Privateer Press say about him:

"While the last tenuous thread of his life was held fast by Megalith, Baldur’s spirit was subsumed within the entirety of Orboros, and the fundamental principles of the world were made clear to him. He has returned to serve as a conduit for a torrent of destructive power. In the midst of battle Baldur can tap into this endless flow to empower himself beyond his mortal limits, but the longer he fights, the more his body tears itself apart."

Sounds like he could be a useful character to have, but definitely one you have to use carefully.

What are your thoughts on this latest addition to the Circle? Any of you think you might make use of him? Do you like the miniature itself? Leave us your comments below.

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