Baron Tonguelick Invites You To A Grymkin Carnival

April 24, 2019 by brennon

A few new releases have popped up from Privateer Press recently for those delving into Hordes. The Grymkin are taking centre stage once more led by Baron Tonguelick as a new solo for the faction.

Baron Tonguelick Lord Of Warts - Privateer Press

In folklore, Baron Tonguelick was said to have been a deranged and petty tyrant. The dubious nobility of Tonguelick notwithstanding, the self-appointed Lord of Warts has ingratiated himself with the Defiers. By their favor, he lords it over lesser grymkin, who must beware the lash of his tongue.

He can bolster the reality-warping power of the Defiers or serve as a direct conduit for their magic. The baron’s tongue is dangerous whether employed as a weapon to catch and consume prey, or when he croaks words that leave weaker-willed enemies confounded and confused.

This fellow is quite the fun looking new character for use in the Grymkin faction. As we said when they were first announced; it's neat to see Privateer Press able to flex their creative talents with this faction, coming up with weird and wonderful oddities to throw onto the tabletop.

The Malady Man Cometh

We see the same thing here with the Malady Man, ready with his organ and associated monkey.

Malady Man - Privateer Press

Not all music is pleasing to the ear, and it is with discordant, off-kilter harmonics and an uneven tempo that the Malady Man plays his fiendish instrument. He punishes those who lack conviction and are easily distracted to abandon work or to neglect their wards.

Soldiers who stray from watch posts, mothers who let their children wander off, or laborers who stand idly by more than they work, all have been transfixed by the sound of his hand-cranked organ before being torn apart by the deranged monkey that joins him.

Once again, this character plays into the idea of creepy nightmares, fairy tales and folklore. The Grymkin are all about punishing those that stray from the right path and I could see him being a fascinating new project for someone to paint up, even if they didn't game with the piece.

Onwards Brave Steed

Lastly, we have the Neigh Slayer Warhorse which is a new command attachment for your Grymkin force. It comes with some pesky looking fellows riding around on a deadly rocking horse.

Neigh Slayer Warhorse - Privateer Press

The childish imagination of the neigh slayers takes on a tangible and deadly form. In their minds, they ride not toys but terrifying warhorses. They delight in carnage, giggling at the corpses they leave behind, for the slain seem less real to them than the imagined steeds they ride.

The gremlin with the greatest imagination leads a pack from his rocking horse, accompanied by shield and lance bearers. He capriciously dictates to other neigh slayers the ever-changing rules of his favorite games, leaving their victims lit afire or bleeding from mortal wounds.

Once again we're seeing something that is meant to be pleasant getting turned into something creepy and weird. I'm not entirely sure how effective this will be on the battlefield but it sure looks fun.

The Grymkin are a very different faction from the others in Hordes and Warmachine but they do allow Privateer Press to do something outside of their typical wheelhouse. They might even draw a few more people into playing the game for the first time.

What do you make of these new Grymkin?

"They might even draw a few more people into playing the game for the first time..."

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