Crocodiles And Winged Beasts Descend for Privateer Press’ Hordes

May 9, 2012 by brennon

It's not just Warmachine getting some reinforcements soon. The world of Hordes from Privateer Press has also got some new additions in order to counter the iron walkers threatening their lands...

Gatorman Witch Doctor

Scarsfell Griffon

My immediate thought for these wasn't to do with Hordes but instead was as their use as Dungeons & Dragons monsters! The Gatorman Witch Doctor would make a pretty fun and oversized Kobold Mage or Troglodyte. And the Scarsfell Griffon a fantastic boss for your adventurers to face.

However, I see these as being some popular releases for Hordes on their own merit. Great looking models with a superb paint job.

Will you be adding these to your Hordes warband?

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