Dozer & Smigg Fuse Fury & Focus For Privateer’s Hordes

April 14, 2014 by brennon

It looks like the Trollbloods have mashed up technology and natures wrath with their new addition to Hordes, Dozer & Smigg. See what you think of this burly brawler from Privateer Press below...

Dozer & Smigg

"Outfitted with a crudely rigged bombard salvaged from a Khadoran Destroyer, Dozer is an impossible fusion of nature’s fury and mechanical destruction. From his perch atop Dozer, Smigg operates the wildly inaccurate bombard with surprising effectiveness and is revered as an ace by other pygs. So spectacular are their battlefield rampages that other blitzers are inspired by their example and strive to make every attack count."

Now that is one hefty piece of kit and with that in mind it's going to be a resin and metal model. I love the little story that binds these two together and is just another reason for me to keep working on my Trollbloods for the summer. It also makes use of Khador technology which I also collect, so perfect synergy!

What do you think of him?

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