Explore More Of The Creepy & Odd Upcoming Grymkin

May 15, 2017 by brennon

Adding to the weird and wonderful world of the Grymkin in Hordes, being added into the mix from Privateer Press, we have some amazing new sculpts to check out. We had to start with The Dreamer...

The Dreamer

This really does turn the world of Warmahordes and Immoren on its head, bringing in a whole new theme and aesthetic to the game world. It's awesome to see this faction, which feels so at odds with the rest of the world, making such a splash with some original characters.

For example, we also have the Twilight Sisters. The world of Immoren is filled with all manner of different factions and peoples and you can just imagine these characters being summoned to life through myth and legend.

Twilight Sisters

Some of the characters we don't quite have names for included these rather sickeningly brutal Gremlins riding hobby horses. Thing is, the horse's heads are real!


We also have these crawling horrors, coming up from beneath the streets. As mentioned above I think the aesthetic for this new faction is fantastic and maybe it's just what the world of Warmachine needed to make the game feel less like a solid wall of heavy metal, and more like the Fantasy world, it represents.


What do you make of the Grymkin and are you going to be choosing them as your faction?

Let us know in the comments...

"...you can just imagine these characters being summoned to life through myth and legend"

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