Face off With the New Hordes Two-Player Battle Box

June 8, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking to get into Hordes, possibly inspired by our latest unboxings of the Starter Sets, then how about checking out the Hordes Two-Player Battle Box from Privateer Press?

Hordes Battle Box

The kit contains two sides for you and a friend to battle with. The Legion of Everblight and the Circle Orboros.

Circle Orboros

Legion of Everblight

All the models come in plastic with Stat Cards, Rules, Dice and a Ruler for you to get going right away in the world of Hordes. If you were going to take up playing Hordes this must be a great way to get into it.

The real question is which side do you pick?

Is this a great match-up for a Hordes Battle Box?

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