The Fennblade Kithkar Leads Trollbloods To Battle

July 12, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press have also been busy in the existing world of Hordes and they have an awesome looking Trollblood on the way too. Check out the Fennblade Kithkar who seems ready for a scrap...

Fennblade Kithkar

"Veterans of countless battles, Fennblade Kithkar are warriors of renown. Each has led his brothers in arms time and again against any who would infringe upon trollkin lands or harass their people. More than heroes or champions, these vaunted leaders are brilliant battlefield commanders capable of coordinating the maneuvers of their fellow Fennblades with great precision."

I'm fairly sure that despite the draw of Werewolves I would certainly have to go with Trollbloods if I ever did start Hordes. I love the look of them and they always have awesome miniatures. As long as I put aside the thought that they kind of resemble Sulley from Monster's Inc I will be fine!

More importantly will you be taking one of the Kithkar into battle yourself? They look awesome but whether they are good on the battlefield is another thing entirely. Are they good at what they do?

Let me know below.

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