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Hordes Battle Box Demo Game


With Gargantuans Week finished, Justin and Mike head to the Studio for a demo game of Hordes to show you the basics of the game, a useful entry point for those of you just starting out.

Gargantuans Break Down: Minions


So guys its time for the last section of the Gargantuans break down with the Minions! Sorry this one is a little late, International Tabletop Day took over all our resources for the day, but as the old saying go's better late than never. Hope you have all enjoyed the week and maybe learned a thing or two from our rambling!

Gargantuans Break Down: Legion of Everblight


Mike is happy today as the guys get stuck in to the Legion of Everblight section of the Gargantuans break down and from the looks of things their still ignoring the main rule book aside from page 5...

Gargantuans Break Down: Skorne


Today it's time to have a look at the Skorne faction in the new Gargantuans book. These pain loving psychopaths seem like an incredibly strong faction now with all their new gear, but will they be the strongest of the new stuff from the book, or will the Legion or one of the other factions pull it out of the bag?

What’s in The Box: Celestial Fulcrum – War Wagon – Throne of Everblight


It might be Gargantuans Week, but today the guys are having a look at what they think are the three best battle engines for Hordes, and our special mystery (well not really a mystery because you know you can win it) is the Woldwrath.

Gargantuans Break Down: Circle Orboros


It's day two of our Hordes Gargantuans week and myself, Mike and Kev move on to the Circle Orboros faction in the new book. This is shaping up to be my favourite section of the book, with gigantic Constructs and fantastic looking multi wound infantry.

Painting a Trollblood Pyre Troll… Part 2


Romain continues with his Pyre Troll tutorial by adding more depth to the colours.

Gargantuans Break Down: Trollbloods


Justin is joined in the studio by Mike and Kev to get a first look at the new Hordes Gargantuans book, kicking off with the Trollbloods faction. So what do you guys think? Have the Trollbloods kept pace with the rest of the factions, or do you think they need more big beasts?

Painting a Trollblood Pyre Troll… part 1


Romain kick's off a fiery new miniatures painting tutorial with a flaming hot Pyre Troll for Hordes from Privateer Press!

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