The Gribbly Aradus Soldier & Sentinel Scuttle Into Hordes For Skorne

May 8, 2015 by brennon

Privateer Press have gone off into the desert and found some strange insectoid creatures for the Skorne of Hordes. If you're looking for a big gribbly monster then see what you make of the Aradus Soldier and Sentinel kit...

Armoured Insects

Skorne still aren't my favourite of armies in Hordes but these new Warbeasts are certainly going in the right direction when it comes to winning me over. I think both kits, while very similar, offer you some really interesting options not only for the tabletop but also for painting...

Aradus Soldier

Aradus Sentinel

"The horrific, insect-like aradus are among the most terrifying of the skorne’s warbeasts. Protected by a thick layer of chitin, aradus soldiers lash out in battle with hooked claws to drag enemies toward their vicious mandibles. The soldier grows strong from its feast, wounds closing with each mouthful. The aradus sentinel possesses venom sacs that can be constricted to fire a precise blast of debilitating venom at its enemies. Living tissue exposed to this toxin dissolves and sloughs off the bone in melted gobbets."

Once again this is a multi-part plastic kit with components to make either of the Warbeasts above. I really like the armour plating and how it's been integrated into the rest of the model. There's almost something of the Starcraft Zerg about these beasts!

Which version would you go for?

"I really like the armour plating and how it's been integrated into the rest of the model..."

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