New Hordes Minion… Targ!

April 29, 2011 by beerogre

Hot from the forges of Privateer Press, comes the latest in the new line of terrifying minions available for Hordes.

New up is Targ, a massive Farrow armed with a wicked butchers knife!

Here's what the guys at Privateer Press have to say about him:

The disfigured farrow assistant of Dr. Arkadius, Targ aids his master by tending the violent and unpredictable farrow warbeasts. Although lacking refinement and expertise, Targ has a way with warbeasts. He can push a warbeast to lash out with an unpredictable attack, administer vital medical care to his charges, or provide vital guidance to farrow warbeasts that wander too far from their masters.

It looks like Targ is going to be another level of support that you can add to your Dr. Arkadius warpack. Arkadius is already a strong support Warlock, so it remains to be seen if he really needs more buffs or healing. However, if Targ acts as a mini-healer/buffer, then he might be worth having, just to save some FURY for those vital Primal Shocks.

What do you Thornfall Alliance players think?

BoW Andy

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