The Hordes Swell with Privateer Press

February 9, 2012 by brennon

So with the news of War Room and the Iron Kingdom Role Playing Game on the way, how about getting into Hordes in a big way? Well you can now get your hands on new Hordes Battlegroups from Privateer Press!

Trollblood Battlegroup

Skorne Battlegroup

Legion of Everblight Battlegroup

Circle Orboros Battlegroup

These Battlegroups provide a great staging ground to get your force started for Hordes. More importantly these are all in plastic! But if your looking to expand your Skorne war band, check out these new models.

Titan Sentry

Titan Gladiator

Titan Cannoneer

Cyclops Raider

That's a fair amount of big hulking warrior ready to start shedding blood for Skorne.

What do you make of these new models and Battlegroups?

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