The Legion Welcomes New Models For Privateer’s Hordes

January 14, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press let a few more models slip out onto the internet over the last few days for the Legion of Everblight in Hordes. These guys are really starting to grow on me, especially with their strange mix of demonic creatures and dragons.


Leading the way we have Azrael, a Heavy Warbeast for the Legion who comes into battle with some deadly looking spears that ignite with magical energy. The mix of armour plating and organic bits and pieces really work nicely together and I like the pose as he's looming over his next victim.

He is joined by a look at an upgrade for Kallus. You can see the original version of him HERE.


I'm not entirely sure on this one. It looks like two models have been stuck together...badly, and while I personally like the top half of the model I think the bottom leaves a lot to be desired. Compared to Azrael I'm not sure it really evokes the same shiny syndrome.

New Horde Faction Teaser

Keeping to the world of Hordes we also saw another piece of teaser artwork for the new faction, coming later this year.

Hordes Teaser

Now that is a big nasty looking beast carrying around an equally strange oddity in that cage. I like the look of it as it really does have a Diablo feel to its design. Hopefully, models will be forthcoming soon.

Images Thanks To Party Foul

What do you think of these Legion sneak peeks?

"I like the pose as he's looming over his next victim..."

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