The Legion’s Zuriel Swoops Onto The Battlefield Of Hordes!

October 10, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press have rather redeemed themselves with another upcoming release for Hordes and the Legion of Everblight. Zuriel certainly looks a whole lot better than those bumblebees they showed off earlier in the week!


So what's his deal...

"Zuriel is the product of Saeryn’s attempt to create a spawn embodying her essence and that of her twin sister, Rhyas. Zuriel demonstrates the stealth and fighting prowess of Rhyas together with a unique receptiveness to Saeryn’s magic. In battle he soars through the sky on powerful wings as he searches out those his mistresses have marked for death. Targets who attempt to escape the reach of his blades find themselves engulfed by dragon fire from his fanged maw." pretty cool indeed! I like the stance, as if he's just descended from the skies to crush you then slice and dice with his swords. Legion really do have some of the best looking warbeasts and characters.

What do you think to this one?

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