Monstrous New Minions & More For Privateer’s Hordes Coming Soon

November 29, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press continue to build on their world of Hordes with plenty of new sculpts for you to pick up across the board. There are some fantastic new additions to the Minions faction especially...

Gatorman Soul Slave

First up we have the Gatorman Soul Slave which we actually saw in some of the early previews a few months ago. Whilst they might still be hulking beasts they are nothing more than conduits for their Warlock's power, a way for them to bring more through from the other side.

For example, one of those Warlocks might be Barnabas, Lord of Blood who you can see here in his epic form surrounded by shambling constructs of bone.

Barnabas, Lord of Blood

Risen from death as almost a God, Barnabus is a force to reckon with and a powerful practitioner of the dark necromantic arts. I think I'd be rather worried about coming up against him considered he seems not only magically powerful but also a physical powerhouse too.

Another of the models we saw earlier in the year through a series of previews was Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers.

Kwaak Slickspine & Gub

United as one, these conjoined twins are able to combine their magical power into one focal point that, while diminutive compared to the likes of Barnabus, makes them decidedly deadly on the tabletop. You'll see them typically fighting alongside the Blindwater Congregation.

Hulking Trolls

Matched against these Minions we also have some releases for the Trollbloods who get themselves a Dire Troll Brawler.

Dire Troll Brawler

Making up for their lack of intelligence with pure brawn, these warriors wield a pair of flails as they charge into battle, embracing the glee of the frenzied chaos around them. I imagine trying to stop one of them is like trying to stop nature itself.

Turning to the slightly more comical side of the Trollbloods we also have these Pyg Lookouts.

Pyg Lookouts

Being rather tiny and hardy they make perfect scouts who can slip away from conflicts as well if things get too heated. I particularly like the fellow who has decided that the best way to hide from the enemy is as a snowman. I guess if nothing else it looks so absurd that the enemy might just think they're seeing things.

Skorne Primus

Another Warlock is also making his way to the tabletop for the forces of Skorne. Here we have Primus Jalaam.

Primus Jalaam

As one of the famed hunters of the Northern lands that fall under the Skorne Empire, he is adept at dispatching his foes much like the beasts that roam his domain. I like the look of the model with his kit hanging from around his person and the flowing cloak. He looks like quite the mysterious figure.

Summoned Power

Last but not least we also have the Wold Wight, summoned forth by Circle Orboros during their strange and esoteric rituals.

Wold Wight

It can use the lanterns as blazing weapons but their main purpose is to set the Wold Wight alight when it is close to its enemies so it can consume them in a blazing inferno leaving only the Wight's heart after the embers have faded away.

What do you make of this set of releases from Privateer Press which are just around the corner?

Let us know below...

"I guess if nothing else it looks so absurd that the enemy might just think they're seeing things..."

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