Wrap Your Minds Around Some New Warmachine & Hordes Previews

August 13, 2016 by brennon

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As we were trawling through social media we wandered upon some more previews of what's coming for Warmachine & Hordes by Privateer Press thanks to Party Foul. I think we'll start with a Trollblood (my favourite) and see what Madrak III looks like!

Madrak 3

Here you can see a look at his concept art and the model as it's being painted. This was snapped at Gen Con and gives you a great look at how powerful this chap has become. What do you think of this new heavily armoured look?

Following on from that Circle Orboros weren't going to be left out as we got a peek at the new Megalith Heavy Warbeast.

Megalith Heavy Warbeast

The big constructs that Circle can bring to the tabletop have always been an interesting prospect for modellers. I know a fair few people who ran all Construct lists instead of leaping around with Warpwolves.

Skorne are also getting a little bit of a boost with a new Unit Attachment.

Skorne Unit Attachment

A great looking banner and the models themselves look suitably impressive - enough to stand out on the battlefield. The Skorne units have always got a thumbs up from me.

An Angry Cat!

Lastly we look at an upcoming release from Warmachine with Major Gibbs getting himself a new sculpt complete with angry cat.

Major Gibbs

I don't think that I'd like to run into either of these fellows when I was out and about on the battlefield.

Which faction have you picked for Mk III?

"I know a fair few people who ran all Construct lists instead of leaping around with Warpwolves..."

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