Privateer Press Announces The Gargantuans Evolved For Hordes!

February 21, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

If you happened to attend SmogCon this year, then you might have had the pleasure of seeing the sneak peak at this already- in which case, I'm jealous!


Privateer Press has announced the coming of Gargantuans Evolved in 2015-16 for Warmachine Hordes. These fantastic additions are to "one up" the colossals we have come to know and love. Let's start with the Glacier King, who will have the element of winter on his side and have abilities including wind, ice and snow to cripple the enemy and shield his team.


Then there's the Storm Raptor, a formidable force in the sky with abilities including superconduction and sky fire!

storm raptor

There's also the hugely creepy, Blightbringer! He breathes fire and ashes to bring destruction and protection to those he deems fit.

blight bringer

And finally- one of the coolest things I have ever seen for miniatures....


The Desert Hydra! 5 heads, with 5 attacks! Take my money!

These characters will be introduced in the new Hordes Expansion book expected out in the next year. And until then...we wait.

What do you think of these monstrous Gargantuans?

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