Privateer Press Join a Troll Choir

June 13, 2012 by dracs

Privateer Press have unveiled three new upcoming releases which will soon be joining Hordes, the first of which is a band of Trollblood known for their harmonized battle cries?

Privateer Press - Sons of Bragg

These are the Sons of Bragg, three mighty Trollblood with even mightier voices whose harmonized chants echo over the battle field. Never mess with a Trollblood choir.

What's that? These trolls aren't loud enough for you? Well maybe you'd prefer this fearsome fellow.

Privateer Press - Storm troll

This is the Storm troll, a stomping natural conductor of electricity who brings lightning spewing from his mouth to give the enemy a real jolt.

But don't worry, the Trollbloods aren't the only Hordes race to be receiving some love. Check out this new beastie for the Skorne faction.

Privateer Press - Tiberion

Few warbeasts survive long enough to distinguish themselves in the service of the skorne, but the fiercely intelligent and disciplined Tiberion has fought alongside Tyrant Xerxis for over a decade. Because the titan’s intractable nature made him almost impossible to train, his original handlers nearly put him to death. Xerxis sensed an extraordinary fighting spirit in him, though, and took it upon himself to break the beast. Now Tiberion serves his master Xerxis with all the devotion of a sworn soldier, standing immovable against waves of enemies even as he shatters entire formations with his powerful tetsubo.

It should be noted that this last mini comes as an upgrade blister rather than an entire mini in and of itself, so Skorne players will need the heavy warbeast mini to use it with.

All in all a mighty collection of monsters to wield upon the field.

So which will it be? The shocking power of the Storm Troll? The hardy strength of Tiberion? Or the wonderful singing voices of the Sons of Bragg?

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