Privateer Press Make a Pig of Themselves

March 2, 2012 by dracs

Privateer Press have previewed a new Hordes minion and this one is a real pig. The Road Hog!

Privateer Press - Road Hog

"The mighty road hogs hurl themselves into the fray with supercharged fury, unleashing gouts of flame and mechanikally enhanced brutality upon enemies of the farrow. Their lower limbs replaced by prosthetic legs, they are capable of surprising swiftness at the cost of agonizing pain to the beasts themselves—a small price to pay for the brutal carnage the road hogs can inflict upon their foes." - Privateer Press

This twisted mass of pork and metal is a really characterful mini which will be sure to turn your enemies into sausages.

How do you think this could play? Do you like the sculpt?

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