Privateer’s Boars & Mighty Rok Trollblood Storm Into Hordes

March 8, 2016 by brennon

Privateer Press have also now released a whole range of crazy creatures to the world of Hordes. We have both the mighty Trollblood Rok and also a range of Boars who are ready for battle as part of the Minions faction...


This big shabby beast of a Trollblood looks like a mighty hero for you to use within your army. I really like the look of all of the Trollbloods and this model continues to reinforce that idea. I love the fact that this Dire Troll has lived so long and managed to contain his rage to such an old age.


"Whenever a remote mountain village is found in ruins and with its taverns plundered, northerners speak fearfully of the dire troll called Rök. Although insatiable as any dire troll, over a century ago Rök developed a unique craving for beer and liquor of all sorts, and his raids of villages for their intoxicating spirits have since become legendary.

When he was sought out by Borka Kegslayer, Rök engaged the trollkin in an exhausting battle lasting several hours. After this, Kegslayer shared his own potent brew, convincing the ferocious troll they were kindred souls. When Borka left, Rök followed, knowing that greater fights and rivers of beer awaited them."

...what an awesome tale for the camp fire.

Boar Time!

Following on from the Trollblood awesomeness we have some crazy looking Boars in various styles for the Minions. If you want to tinker with strange armour and weapons in the hands of wild beasts then this could be your lucky (or unlucky) day with a Splatter Boar, Battle Boar and Gun Boar...

Splatter Boar

"At his remote laboratory, Dr. Arkadius has been able to indulge his scientific and surgical theories to create frighteningly specialized warbeasts. Fitted with a mortar and a bandolier of shells containing highly volatile substances, the masked splatter boar trades accuracy for the ability to bombard anything and everything with corrosive chemicals and panic-inducing gases."

Battle Boar

"With the proper application of alchemical and electrical impulses, Dr. Arkadius encouraged farrow muscles to gain bulk and bones to lengthen and harden. Turning this craft to the boars of the Thornfall Alliance, he has created powerful new living weapons. His trained battle boars learn to activate pumps connected to tanks of stored adrenaline to enhance their strength as they batter opponents to pieces."

Gun Boar

"For generations, boars have been trained for battle by the farrow. These boars have become powerful weapons in the arsenal of the Thornfall Alliance. The lumbering gun boars are walking artillery platforms in the service of Lord Carver. These warbeasts turn their cannons upon enemy formations to scatter them with explosive force."

I think these are some awesome looking warriors for use in your Farrow warband. I always liked the idea of someone tinkering around like this - for good or ill. I hope the rules give you some funny things to work with when it comes to firing these weapons and using the boars on the battlefield.

What do you think of these beasts?

"If you want to tinker with strange armour and weapons in the hands of wild beasts then this could be your lucky (or unlucky) day..."

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