Privateer’s High Command Heads To Hordes

July 12, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press might be deep in the middle of a Kickstarter but they are still looking to the release of other products. Check out Hordes High Command below, an alternative standalone card game based on the same mechanics as Warmachine...

Hordes High Command

This time you'll be delving into the wilderness of Immoren and taking on the challenge with factions from Hordes. The set comes with...

89 Trollbloods cards
89 Circle Orboros cards
89 Legion of Everblight cards
89 Skorne cards
15 Winds of War cards
15 Location cards you have four factions to draw on. The game also plays two to four players so everyone of them can get in on the action. I have actually been thinking about picking up High Command as a way to get to know the world of Immoren without making a big investment into the miniatures.

Will you be grabbing this version of High Command?

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