New Releases For Warmachine and Hordes

July 27, 2011 by dracs

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Privateer Press have some upcoming releases for both Warmachine and Hordes, check out these three guys.

Firstly there is Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire.

This dark sorceress will be available as part of the Mercenary forces in Warmachine.

Next up are two releases for Hordes. Say hi to Maelok the Dreadbound.

This undead Gatorman warcaster is available as part of the minions range and possesses not merely the power to return dead allies to life, but also to temporarily turn his forces into ghostly apparitions. Pretty sweet eh?

Following in his reptilian trail is Grayle the Farstrider.

This new solo for will be joining the ranks of the Circle Orboros and a welcome addition he'll be too bringing the fighting force of a feral wolf to bear with his twin daggers.

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