The Skorne are Ready to Break Your Will

December 16, 2012 by dracs

Privateer Press have put out previews of some new releases soon to be arriving for both Hordes and Warmachine.

Skorne look to be getting the best of it this time with two new releases, a solo as well as a whole unit of heavily armoured warriors.

Skorne - Cataphract Incindiarii

Skorne - Mortitheurge

The minions are also receiving a new goody in the form of the warlock Midas. This guy's a real porker.

Minions - Midas Farrow Bone Grinder

Don't worry all you Warmachine players, you're getting some new goodies too. Those arcane gun men of Cygnar are hopping onto horses with the Tempest Blazers.

Cygnar - Tempest Blazers

So guys, is it the gunmen gallopers for you? Or the sinister Skorne solo?

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