Skorne Unleash Their Despoiler Onto The Hordes Battlefield

January 9, 2014 by brennon

Hordes have not been forgotten in the upcoming releases from Privateer Press! The forces of Skorne are getting themselves Despoiler, who certainly has a lot going on...


"A walking testament to the power of mortitheugy, Despoiler is as much a beast as it is an arcane implement through which the Void howls. The product of unorthodox experimentation, the beast is driven mad by the shrieking of damned souls. Consequently it fights in a near-frenzy, smashing victims to a pulp, though their deaths serve only to further fuel the din in its mind."

With all that said, I still don't like the model. I don't think there are many of the Skorne models that I actually find that appealing and this hasn't changed my opinion on them. I think it might be that they just seem a little bit too 'crazy' although in this case Despoiler looks like he has just been caught sneaking around the kitchen looking for a snack by his Mum.

The stance doesn't really speak 'frenzy' to me. What are your thoughts?

Are you a Skorne lover?

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