Spread the Blight in Hordes With the Afflictor

November 30, 2012 by dracs

Privateer Press have announced two new miniatures which will soon be appearing on the battlefields of Hordes.

Firstly, from the frozen wastes comes a new threat wielded by the Legion of Everblight. The Afflictor.

Hordes - Afflictor

The Afflictor was created to use the Blight which binds the Legion together as a weapon. It stings the enemy and fills it with the pure corruptive power of the Blight, opening the way for new servants of Everblight to be born.

Moving away from this creature of the frozen north is a new warlock from the Blindwater Swamps. Rask, the self serving bog trog warlock.

Hordes - Rask

This new Warlock of the minions is a sneaky fighter, typically steering clear of directly facing more powerful enemies, and instead focusing his efforts on tipping the balance in favour of his underlings, going on to steal the kill with his harpoon gun.

Both of these minis are great additions to a Hordes army, but what do you guys think of their sculpts?

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