Stitched Up Hogs & Mighty Gorax Roar Into Hordes

November 7, 2013 by brennon

I wouldn't try to put this hog on the spit roast this Christmas. Privateer Press have two more models for Hordes on the way including the mighty War Hog and the berserk looking Gorax...

War Hog

"Each war hog is over a ton of muscled, bristling rage strong enough to rend steel and tear the living flesh from the bones of enemy warbeasts. Enhanced by alchemical and mechanikal augmentations, these products of dark experimentation are goaded by the farrow into a state of frenzied bloodlust. With twin war cleavers and massive tusks, war hogs mercilessly slaughter their enemies, answering the screams of their victims with primitive grunts of delight."


"Hulking brutes that fall somewhere between man and beast, gorax serve the Circle Orboros by ripping its enemies limb from limb with their powerful, oversized claws. When wounded, gorax become living embodiments of primal rage, tearing into enemies with unfettered savagery."

These are both pretty epic looking miniatures and the model material is plastic too. I have a real dislike of trying to stick together massive metal miniatures as they always, without fail, come apart in the box. I am terrible at pinning so that was never an option!

On the other hand the smaller component based plastic kits from Privateer Press have been a pain to say the least so I think I will stick to bigger models from now on with Warmahordes.

Currently I have a somewhat organised Khador force and a starting Trollbloods one so I am looking at Hordes as my game of choice when it comes to the two.

War Hog or Gorax?

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