Sturm & Drang… Hordes Stat Card

August 23, 2011 by beerogre

Privateer Press has released a sneak preview of the start card for the new Farrow Warlock... Sturm & Drang.

The preview is missing the Spell & Feat card, but we can still have a look at the special rules...

What we're looking at here is Sturm, who we imagine will be the "spellcasting" version and Drang who is the Warbeast buff/close combat version. Drang can't Upkeep spells (due to shortsighted), which we must assume also means he cannot carry over one of Sturm's spells from one turn to the next, nor can he upkeep an Animus cast as a spell... which might be problematic.

However, Sturm can upkeep spells, so if you want to maintain an effect, you'll need to keep that mind in control for more than one turn.

I can see the skill with this Warlock being in the timing of when to change persona. I have a feeling the trick will be to keep Sturm in charge (casting spells and upkeeping effects) to get the warpack into melee combat... then swapping out for Drang, who uses his 7 FURY to pound the opponent with his P+S:15 mechano-fists... 8 attacks (fewer if you decide to boost attack or damage rolls) with P+S:15... plus a charge is pretty meaty.

It'll be interesting to see how this Warlock fares once we get to have a look at his spell list, or more likely lists.

What do you think guys?

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