Unboxing: Hordes Skorne All-In-One Army Box

May 19, 2015 by Justin

We have another epic sized Privateer Press Unboxing as Justin swaps the Focus of Warmachine for the Fury of Hordes and unleashes upon us the Skorne All-in-One Army Box.

Unboxing: Hordes Skorne All-In-One Army Box

As with the Khadaor Army Box we talked about you get a 35 point army for Hordes which includes a variety of miniatures from Swordsmen to Incindi Discharging Heavies, a Supreme Warlock and a Pair of devastating Warbeasts. With John marshaling his Khador and now Justin with his Skorne "A Tale of Two Gamers" is set to begin...

What's your favorite miniature in the Skorne Army Box?

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