Hordes Welcomes Witches & Bellowing Valkyries This Week

December 14, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press welcomes two new model kits this week for the world of Hordes. First up we have the Ice Witches that serve Legion Of Everblight.

Ice Witches

"Sorcery has long been a valued talent among the Nyss, now doubly so among the Legion of Everblight. Before the coming of the dragon, the Ice Witches were the brutal sorceresses of isolated and feral shards of the deep mountains who now use the blight to augment their power. They are among the Nyss most eager for battle, revelling in unleashing their powers."

I like that each of the Witches you get in this set are individual, speaking to their own character and methods. I think of the lot the one at the back/top of the image is my favourite. I love the idea of her power billowing out and making her look intensely scary!

Bellowing Farrow

Matched against them, the Minions also have some releases out this week with their Farrow Valkyries. As they say "it's not over until the furry pig lady in armour sings".

Farrow Valkyries

"Determined, steadfast, and loyal, the farrow Valkyries make up the honour guard of the independent farrow warlock Helga the Conqueror. With hammer and cannon they beat back the Conqueror’s enemies, and with their shields and flesh, they protect her from harm. When it serves Helga’s purposes, she has also been known to loan these prized warriors to her allies."

Any character wielding a massive hammer and clad in heavy armour gets a tick from me and I think these models look awesome. Once again, it's good to see them exploring different stances with the unit and I think they'd make for a good bulwark against the enemies advance on the tabletop.

What do you make of the two new unit boxes?

"...as they say "it's not over until the furry pig lady in armour sings""

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