Wield Powerful Magic In Hordes With The Trollkin Sorcerer

August 8, 2013 by brennon

Yesterday we got a look at the deadly Night Troll for the Trollbloods in Hordes and Privateer Press have added more to your collection with the Trollkin Sorcerer. Prepare the winds of magic!

Trollkin Sorcerer

"The sorcerers of the trollkin are not timid lore masters but determined and lethal combatants. Typically born with the white skin and red eyes of albinos, making them easily recognized as trollkin sorcerers at birth, they often command powers associated with elements prevalent in the region of their birth. Thus, many originating from the north command the cold winds of winter as a powerful weapon that can be used to attack or defend."

While I wouldn't paint his little beard and hair crystals in pink I do love this model. It just continues to reinforce how awesome the Trollbloods are as a faction in Hordes too.

Is this your solo of choice?

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