Winged Griffons & Snarling Moonhounds For Hordes

February 5, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press have made sure that Hordes isn't found wanting when it comes to upcoming miniatures and so they have both the Rotterhorn Griffon and the Argus Moonhound scampering onto the tabletop.

Rotterhorn Griffon

"No mere raptor, the shape that wheels across the skies in the shadow of western Immoren’s mightiest peak announces its predatory intent with a bloodcurdling shriek. The Rotterhorn griffon is a winged terror, its scream so powerful that its victims suffer agony just by hearing it. Often, the unearthly sound is the last one they perceive before the vicious beast descends to shred them with its mighty talons."

Argus Moonhound

"With a horrifying howl that chills the blood of its prey and unusually keen senses that allow it to detect enemy movement under almost any circumstances, the argus moonhound is a ferocious hunter and a favorite of the warlocks of the Circle Orboros. As it closes in on its prey, the moonhound uses its howl to flush the victim out into the open, where it tears the hapless creature to pieces with savage teeth."

Both are plastic creations and thank God. Imagine trying to get those wings to work out right in the medium of metal!? Both models are very cool and the Rotterhorn Griffon steals it as the model of the moment. It does make me wish I'd played Hordes and Circle over Warmachine and Khador!

I'm usually not a fan of the Privateer Press plastic, on their smaller miniatures at least, but the larger ones usually have very few problems and go together nicely.

Still, I should keep to the task and think about expanding my Trollblood force!

Will you be adding these animals?

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