Black Library Prepare A Series Of Chilling Tales With Warhammer Horror

March 7, 2019 by dracs

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Later this month, Black Library will be launching a new range of stories based in the 41st Millennium and the Mortal Realms. However, these stories aren't tales of action and adventure. These are Warhammer Horror.

Maledictions is the first collection of stories in the range, featuring works from well-known Black Library authors such as C. L. Werner and Graham McNeill.

From Gothic tales of grief and tragedy and harrowing accounts of psychological torment to murderous hauntings and bizarre, cosmic horrors, we’re taken on a terrifying and emotional journey to discover the wakeful terror of life in the Warhammer universes.
- Hannah, Black Library editor

The universes of Warhammer have plenty of horrifying goings-on, making them fertile ground for horror fiction. A lot of Black Library's stories in the past have included horror elements, but I am looking forward to seeing how it goes when those talented pens turn towards scaring the crap out of us!

This book will become available to pre-order come March 23rd.

Rise From Your Grave

The range will not just feature new stories though, as some old classics are coming back to bolster Warhammer Horror, including Kim Newman's well-loved Genevieve the Vampire novels from the World That Was.

Genevieve is an iconic character of the Warhammer background, with her stories even predating Black Library itself! She may also be familiar to those who have not read Black Library stories before, as alternate dimension versions of her have appeared in Newman's excellent Anno Dracula and The Diogenese Club series.

I am very excited about this new range as it promises to breath new life and variety into Black Library's catalogue.

Can you think of a good horror story for the Warhammer settings? 

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