Chaosium Tells of Cthulhu: Shadows of Moscow

May 30, 2012 by brennon

Continuing a theme of Early to Mid 19th Century Cthulhu Role-Playing Chaosium has detailed a new 1930's adventure on the horizon for fans of horror and insanity. Check out Shadows of Moscow...

Shadows of Moscow Art

"Arkady is very troubled man. His best friend Dmitri has been dangerously outspoken this week. Their last conversation haunts him. "Secrets. So many secrets. The Revolution promised us a world of equality where we all work for the common cause. But there are too many secrets. His name was Koba before. Did you know that? Now we call him Stalin. 'Man of steel' is what it means. Why did he change it? Another secret the party wishes to keep silent." If anyone overheard Dmitri speaking like this it could mean imprisonment, or worse, for both of them.

Now they have become separated while pursuing a suspect through the frozen streets of Moscow. Moments ago he heard his comrade screaming nearby. His feet nearly slide out from under him as he careens into an alley. There his friend stands unnaturally still surrounded by blood-stained snow. "Dmitri! What is wrong?" he gasps for breath, closing the distance between them. Suddenly his friend starts to spasm, to change. New limbs burst from the body and the thing that was once his friend lumbers forward. Arkady raises his weapon as his mind reels in terror. This cannot be happening."

Shadows of Moscow puts you in the boots of a few unlucky Agents of the State who must uncover the reason behind a series of grisly murders in the rail yards of Moscow.

The adventure will come with pre-generated characters so you can dive right into the insanity and mayhem.

Will Cthulhu claim you in the ice and snow of Russia?

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