The Cultists of Cthulhu Are Taking over Scibor Miniatures

September 5, 2013 by dracs

It seems that Cthulhu has a strong grip over Scibor Miniatures at the moment as two of the elder being's cultists have appeared in the store.

Cthulhu Cultist 1

Cthulhu Cultist 2

These are some of the more imaginative Cthulhu Cultist miniatures I have seen. Which isn't saying all that much really, considering that usually they're just guys with hooded robes.

The addition of tentacled faces do make these cultists stand out, but it doesn't quite match with the more subtle sense of deformity described in the original Call of Cthulhu. I would, however, happily include these guys guys in a chaos warband as they would make superb alternative mutant miniatures.

Are you joining Scibor in their worship of mighty Cthulhu?

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