The Forking Path’s Kickstarter Project Has Met It’s Doom

July 28, 2013 by brennon

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The Forking Path's The Doom That Came To Atlantic City Kickstarter that was successfully funded back in May has had to sadly terminate and end the project...

The Doom That Came To Atlantic City

From the statement...

"From the beginning the intention was to launch a new board game company with the Kickstarted funds, with The Doom that Came to Atlantic City as only our first of hopefully many projects. Everyone involved agreed on this. Since then rifts have formed and every error compounded the growing frustration, causing only more issues. After paying to form the company, for the miniature statues, moving back to Portland, getting software licenses and hiring artists to do things like rule book design and art conforming the money was approaching a point of no return. We had to print at that point or never. Unfortunately that wasn't in the cards for a variety of reasons."

It seems like everything came to a head with this project and a number of issues just made it impossible to continue it. This does also raise some questions as to the kind of funds people are dealing with and the experience of the people putting these ideas forwards.

It's never nice to see someone fail, especially with a project like this that we'd all be interested in and there is a full post-mortem in the works apparently so I'll keep an eye out for that for you.

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