Mythos Foundry’s Mighty Cthulhu Rises From Kickstarter

February 21, 2013 by dracs

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Thanks to the might of kickstarter, the high priest of the elder gods is rising from his watery home of R'Lyeh. None can stand before Mythos Foundry's truly massive Cthulhu!

Mythos Foundry - Cthulhu

This guy is massive, standing at 1/61 scale! Just check it out along side its creator.

Mythos Foundry - Cthulhu Scale

Massive, terrifying and covered in tentacles. Just as Lovecraft intended.

Now this kickstarter project has managed to beat its funding target, which means we can also expect to see a selection of other 28mm scale minis marching alongside Cthulhu.

Mythos Foundry 1

Mythos Foundry 2

Mythos Foundry 3

These 28mm minis are fairly nice sculpts in their own right. I particularly like the one of H.P. Lovecraft himself, I would definitely use that mini as an investigator. Yeah let's see how he likes being put through the same thing as his characters.

Do you guys want to help Cthulhu rise? head over to the kickstarter today.

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