RAFM Unleash Cthuhlu Monsters

August 12, 2011 by brennon

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We haven't looked much at RAFM Miniatures in the past, but when we spotted these creepy Deep Ones for their Cthuhlu line we had to delve a little deeper.

However they don't just cover the darker side of the Cthuhlu universe...

Some sinister looking doctors and underneath a set of priests and soldiers. Very nice I have to say and really seem to evoke the feel of Cthuhlu.

But if the horror of Cthuhlu is not up your street how about some of their fantasy models?

I might have to pick up that Human Ranger at the top for my current D&D character. But that's not all, if your more into your modern wargaming then check out their 15mm and also larger models.

Not a bad selection over all wouldn't you say?

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