The Cops Have Been Called To Human Interface Nakamura Tower

April 23, 2015 by brennon

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower has now passed it's funding goal and looks like it could be making its way towards a whole bunch of Stretch Goals but in the mean time they've unlocked some neat Add-Ons including Pacification which brings the Cops into this Cyberpunk world...


The set below is an Add-On for the main boxed game and comes with new missions, equipment cards, cyberwarfare cards, more tiles, IDs for the various characters and the new faction which is the RAID 44 Police Special Unit...

Pacification #1

More on this unit...

"...the attack on Nakamura Tower looked like a 'typical' terrorist/hostage situation. The reaction was to call the police. RAID 44 was formed as a response to cyborg related crime the ordinary police could not handle. Heavily armed and armored, backed by combat hackers, they are very effective in battling the cyborg crime menace."

...which adds an interesting new element to the gameplay with this new faction coming in to add to the experience. I think they've done a great job on the RAID 44 Squad when it comes to the sculpts too.

Pacification #2

Each of the squad members is a named character and comes with an array of cool weaponry and other skills. I particularly like the leader, Kurt Sternhammer, although it would have been nice to see him without the helmet on since it's going to be hard to paint the see through detail of his visor.


As well as the Policemen above they've also added in a few extras when it comes to the basic models in the game. If you want to fill out the A.I and give them some more firepower then additional Combat Drones can be picked up too...

Combat Drones

They come in both a flying and walking variety and look very cool. I loved taking out the Drones/Robots in Deus Ex with a well placed EMP grenade so it will be interesting to see how easily these blighters are put out of commission in HINT.

Will you be getting either of these Add-Ons?

"RAID 44 was formed as a response to cyborg related crime the ordinary police could not handle..."

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