Two More Deadly Individuals Join The Cyberpunk World Of HINT

March 10, 2015 by brennon

Two more rather suspect individuals have been added to the roster of characters that you'll be facing off against (we assume) in the world of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower (HINT), a Cyberpunk board game coming to Kickstarter soon...

Lupu Reck

The first of these individuals is Lupu Reck who, according to some background on the Facebook page, has had to go through very strict pharmacological and cybernetic regimes to get where he is today. He certainly looks like he's had some 'work done' if you check out that mug of his. As you can see by the claws he's also a bit of a murderous killer.

Werner Kube

Next up is Werner Kube who is a bit more flashy and stylish than his rather bloodthirsty companion above but no less mad. According to some of the backstory he goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure things are done and doesn't let anything get in his way. Anyone who speaks up against him tends to end up in a ditch somewhere.

Villain Worthy?

From what we're seeing of this game these look like some of the NPC villains that you'll come up against when playing HINT. I could certainly see them playing the role of bosses or even sub-bosses in control of some minions on the tabletop.

Pose and sculpting wise I'm not sure on these two. Lupu is alright but he looks a tad awkward. Talking of awkward, that's exactly how I see Werner. I don't think he looks very natural at all and it seems to counteract the 'suave' nature of his appearance to be posed like that. I think if he had his weapons down by his side and was walking forward, swaggering almost, it would look cooler.

What do you make of these two?

"From what we’re seeing of this game these look like some of the NPC villains that you’ll come up against when playing HINT"

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"He certainly looks like he’s had some ‘work done’ if you check out that mug of his"

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