Drones Refitted & Beta Rules Up For Human Interface Nakamura Tower

April 30, 2015 by brennon

The Human Interface: Nakamura Tower Kickstarter has unlocked a few more of its Drone based stretch goals and revealed the model for one of their SAR Angels alongside a copy of the Beta Rules...

Refitting Drones

The first of the updates to look at concerns not only the added Weapon Options for the Drones but also the addition of a new version of the Drone known as the Motoshige Special Purpose Drone. It's also known as 'The Table' colloquially within the universe...

Drone Weapon Swaps

Motoshige Special Purpose Drone

I quite like the style of the Drones for this game and it's quite interesting to not only see some different weapon options (rocket launchers and shotguns sound terrifying!) but also a new type of Drone too. I don't quite know what the Special Purpose Drone will do in game but it looks to have a gun hidden away in there.

An Angel Descends

One of the SAR Angels has now been finished, at least to the 3D render stage, by the folks behind HINT and she's looking pretty awesome. See what you make of Laura Bassetti...

Laura Bassetti

I think they've gone with a neat outfit choice that makes Laura look like an utter bad ass. She's got the whole Bane thing going on with her mask too which is awesome.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the SAR crew turn out!

Rules Download

As well as the models the Post Industrial Games team have also put together a Rules Beta PDF for you to download so you can get your brain wrapped around the mechanics of the game. They aren't perfect right now and have a lot of errors but it gives you a good sense of how it all works as a game.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

"I think they've gone with a neat outfit choice that makes Laura look like an utter bad ass..."

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