Human Interface: Nakamura Tower Now Available Alongside Boxes & Blister Packs!

October 11, 2016 by brennon

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The world of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is now ready to hit the tabletop. The webstore is open and the core game is now available alongside all manner of Boxes and Blisters expanding on their Cyberpunk World.

HINT Base Game

The webstore has two different versions of the game to pick up at the moment which can be then snapped up when you get to Essen Spiel. The above option gives you the main game and a blister of your choice while the second comes with one of the expansions.


The game itself sees you fighting through Nakamura Tower as the Ubermensch against the Nakamura Tower team and their Drones which have been switched on to deal with these interlopers.

Human Interface (Characters)

Human Interface (Drones)

The game and the models look fantastic. A few Kickstarter backers have already received their copies and while they've mentioned that the rules are a bit of a jungle to cut through the game stands up nicely!

The tile design is really nice too and there is a real sense of polish to the game. We'd love to give this one a go and see if it has that real Cyberpunk feel to it.

Human Interface Spread

Additionally, the game is bolstered by more boxed sets. You've seen the RAID44 set above...

RAID44 Officer Bundle

...but there's also the fantastic AI Human Hybrid team.

AI Hybrids

We saw a lot of the work going into the SAR Angel Corp too and it's nice to see them finally painted up and looking amazing.

SAR Angel Corp

Will you be diving into this already big collection of miniatures to get your Cyberpunk fix? This solves a lot of the problems people have been having when it comes to Cyberpunk miniatures for the tabletop, namely because there are very few companies out there making them!

Let us know your thoughts below...

"The tile design is really nice too and there is a real sense of polish to the game..."

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