HINT Calls In The Cyberpunk Police Force

August 23, 2015 by brennon

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower are back with another update for the week on their Cyberpunk board game. This time around they're looking at the police once again with a render of Justine Clevel, one of the RAID 44 Officers and a model which is a Kickstarter Exclusive, Patrick 'The Hound' Murphy...

Cool Cop

Justine Clevel was edged out during the campaign by the Cyborg Hunter but she's still coming to a tabletop near you. I think she looks awesome and I love the style of armour they've gone for with her.

Justine Clevel

She would make the perfect player Police character model for Cyberpunk and it will be ace to see how she plays in HINT.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Running with a dated reference now, check out Patrick 'The Hound' Murphy who will be taking on foes with the aid of his cybernetic dog. If you thought a real life dog was a dangerous hunter then see what you think of this one.

Patrick The Hound Murphy

Another great addition to the line-up and we've now got a whole range of great models awaiting us when this game finally hits. Hopefully this game becomes a 'thing' and we get to see a lot of these miniatures sold separately.

What do you think?

"She would make the perfect player Police character model for Cyberpunk..."

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