HINT Gives Us The Low Down On Cyberpunk Game Specifics

April 8, 2015 by brennon

Finally we've heard some information about the actual game of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower that is coming out of Postindustrial Games Ltd on Kickstarter by April 20th. Here's what we know...

Human Interface Nakamura Tower Prototype

The details so far are...

  • Story - You play as either the Mercenaries or Corporation in Nakamura Tower battling to fulfill your various objectives while also battling the AI system within the tower that has gone haywire and is hunting both sides.
  • Characters - Each character will have their own board that comes with pre-loaded equipment and cyberations (upgrades) but they can be modified over time as your characters grow.
  • Cyberations - These are the enhancements that your characters can buy for their human bodies. As time goes on however they have to strike a balance between being human and being a machine. If your cyberations get too controlling you could turn into a mindless drone.
  • The Board - The game is played out on modular boards that represent the different floors of Nakamura Tower and can be randomly generated to allow you to make different layouts each time you play. It is all also played out on a grid rather than with tape measures to avoid confusion and bickering.
  • Cards - All of the information you need to play the game will be presented on the cards your characters have in their possession so you shouldn't have to keep referring to the rulebook.
  • How Many Players? - The game works with a single player against the games inbuilt AI-style systems or you can play one versus one where each player takes control of a faction. The third AI faction is always there to threaten both sides.

This all sounds very good and we hope it's going to take off. Interestingly we'd like to know if there are plans for more factions down the road and additional character choices. If this was the case then you could always go back and replay old levels and indeed new ones with a new team and level them up over time.

I can see this being a great game to get stuck into IF the Kickstarter is as good as we think it can be. What do you think now you know a bit more?

Let us know!

"As time goes on however they have to strike a balance between being human and being a machine..."

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