HINT Previews Get You Set For A Cyberpunk Board Game Experience

January 26, 2015 by brennon

It seems like Cyberpunk could be the flavour of the year as there's another board game on the horizon called HINT or Human Interface - Nakamura Tower. See what you think of some of the early renders...

HINT Banner

Here's a bit of a lowdown on what the game promises so far...

  • Select your Specialists
  • Give your characters special equipment: implants, chips and weapon to gain unique capabilities, but beware of the cyber shock...
  • Find the best hacker and download the optimal setup of battle programs to your tactical network
  • Prepare to break the firewalls of corporate terminals
  • Gain the supremacy in battle and access to protected data
  • Defeat your enemies and autonomous drones and stand face to face with avatars of corporate A.I
  • Oscillate on the edge, but… don’t let them kill you

...so it certainly sounds like a Cyberpunk game. HINT is going to be a board game for two or more players although it can also be played solo. Each character will have their own stat card and you'll be taking on enemies in both the cyber realm and the real one.

Tomo Kosuda

Shoko Takayama

In terms of the miniatures they've said that they're going to make some incredibly precise and detailed figures all with a very cool Cyberpunk look. It's like their channeling Ghost in the Shell! With this and Cyntopia coming this year you've got some cool options for anyone interested in hacking and shooting up Corporation buildings.

What do you think so far?

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