The HINT Team Show Off Production Models & More

October 18, 2015 by brennon

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At Essen this year the team behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower actually had some of their models for sale as a special bonus for coming to see them at the event. You can see some of the metal models in their finished state below. While some people haven't been overly happy with the quality of the sculpts I think they look pretty good...

Metal Miniatures (Front)

You can see the A.I Project miniature alongside some of the members of the special operations teams involved with the game. Add to that one of the Ubermensch as well and you have quite a nice selection of different miniatures to work with there.

Metal Miniatures (Rear)

If they're getting to this stage with a variety of their miniatures then hopefully the game isn't far behind for backers. I would like to get my hands on a wide selection of their miniatures actually. Maybe these chaps will be at Salute next year!

Angels Descend

On top of these metal miniatures they have also shown off the render work on one of their SARS Angels. Eva Morales has now been sculpted digitally...

Eva Morales SAR Angels Corp

She looks like she has quite a bit of bionic work across her body. You can see it on her legs and arms although it might also work as a partial armoured bodysuit. Either way I think she looks like a proper Cyberpunk siren.

Do you think you'd appreciate her coming to your aid in a sticky situation?

Let me know below...

"I think she looks like a proper Cyberpunk siren..."

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