HINT’s AI Avatar Gets Cast Up In Metal For Latest Preview

April 7, 2015 by brennon

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is coming closer to it's Kickstarter debut later this month on April 20th 2015 so they've cast up their AI Avatar in metal to show you the comparison in detail between their resin masters and the more finalised metal product...

C://Run AI Avatar Program

Below are the two pieces side by side and while the metal model is slightly blown out by the camera I think the level of detail between the two pieces is pretty comparable. If this is how the rest of the sculpts are going to turn out then we're in for a real treat.

AI Avatar (Metal #1)

AI Avatar (Metal #2)

Even from the rear you can see that the hair has retained much of its detail too as well as the more mottled bodysuit which lies under the plating.

Hopefully as we get near to the release of the Kickstarter we'll have more of an idea of the gameplay for this game and get to see more of the models taking shape in metal too. I'm particularly excited to see how the Ubermensch are shaping up as a faction in metal.

What do you think about one of their first metal miniatures?

"I think the level of detail between the two pieces is pretty comparable..."

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